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Are You Looking for the Best Carpet Cleaning Service in Oakley?

Clean carpets do make for a happy home. 

They are the foundation for any room but are often neglected because of how much work it takes to clean them. 

We all know this, but when life is as busy as it is, it’s easy to ignore them.

That’s why we started Next Level Carpet Care – to take that pressure off our clients and let them get back to what they should be doing, while we do what we do best.   

Our dedicated team is full of passionate professionals who can take your carpets to the next level, restoring them to the clean, sleek carpets they once were. 

Why Should I Clean My Carpets?

Maintaining clean carpets is a key component of a healthy indoor environment free of dirt, dust, pet dander, allergens, and odor-causing bacteria.  

It makes a big difference to the air quality and thus the health of your family. 

This is not to mention the aesthetic advantages of clean carpets, which may completely change the look of a room.

Lastly, regular carpet cleanings are beneficial from a long-term financial perspective because it maintains the value of your house and eliminates the eventuality of having to replace carpets if you’ve left them to wear down for too long.

It’s a no-brainer if you ask us.

Why Us?

High-quality Staff

Our business lives and dies with the people that we hire and so we take our screening process very seriously.  Every single person we bring on board is carefully selected for your peace of mind – so that you can trust the people coming into your home.


We’ve been cleaning our hearts out for over 17 years now and all that accumulated experience means that you can have full comfort in our skills.  We have seen it all, no matter how unique, and we have hundreds of happy clients to show for it.

Quick and Easy Booking Process

Our online booking system is simple and easy to use, allowing you to schedule your service from the convenience of your own home. It doesn’t get any better than this in terms of convenience.

Reviews and Ratings

Our service is reviewed and graded after each work to hold us accountable and provide you peace of mind.  

This means that we get instant feedback on how our team is performing and can adjust accordingly to ensure that we deliver above expectations on every clean. 

The data we collect truly does impact the way we run our business and it’s one of the key reasons that we are where we are today.  We’re always seeking improvement.

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