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How to Know its Time to Clean Your Tile and Grout

Knowing when it’s time to clean your tile and grout can be tricky. We have a few ways that make it easy for you to know when your tile is begging to be cleaned. 

At Next Level Carpet Care, we have cleaned thousands and thousands of square feet of tile and grout, and we apply the science behind cleaning, which is why we guarantee you will be amazed. 

There are several techniques to clean tile and grout, but doing a deep clean every six months can assist in keeping your tile’s value high.

Here are 4 ways to know it’s time to clean your tile and grout with professional tile cleaners.

Carpet Right Off the Tile Edge is Dirty Between Rooms. 

If the carpet by your tile is dirtier than other places in your carpet, it’s a telltale sign that your carpet is becoming a mat to wipe your feet when you walk off your tile. 

All the dirt and grime build-up from the tile is going right to your carpet. If this is the case, it may be time to find a true carpet and tile cleaner here in Palm Springs to help get your home looking and feeling fresh again!

Your Socks Get Dirty When You Walk on It 

If your socks are getting dirty when you walk on your tile, it’s definitely time for a deep clean. Over time, your tile can build up dirt, grime, and other things like soap that capture and keep the dirt on the tile. 

A professional tile cleaner in Palm Springs will help not only clean off the dirt but get the surface fully rinsed and clean. We will also seal your tile and grout after your clean so that way it stays protected and clean longer. 

Your tile has lost its luster.

Over time, your tiles can seem dim and dull. Even after you mop it or clean it, it just may not shine or look as good as it used to. If you are noticing that the tile is darker than it used to be and you just can’t seem to get it as clean as you like, it’s time for a true clean. 

When you use a professional tile cleaner, they will know exactly how to rinse the tile clean and leave nothing but clean tile and grout behind. They will also use tools that protect your tile and grout, instead of damaging it. 

Your Mop is Just Spreading the Dirt Around

Mops tend to spread the dirt and grime around, they don’t truly remove the dirt and grime off the surface. If you keep trying different cleaning solutions and you feel like you are endlessly mopping your tile and grout, then it is time to call in a professional tile cleaner to help you get your tile truly cleaned and rinsed.

Try as we might, we cannot maintain a professional clean with mops and pre-wetted wipes. Over time, dirt, grime, and soap will build up on the surface of the tile. 

Ready to truly clean the tile and grout? Working with tile and grout steam cleaning professionals will make it easy to get a deep clean you can trust. 

We use hot water and specific technology that takes the dirt out, paired with our All-Natural Next Level Solution to give your tile the deep clean it needs to look and feel squeaky clean. 
If you are ready to have your tile and grout look like new again, it’s time to book a cleaning with the true professionals at Next Level Carpet Care.

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